Kyoto Chionin Temple’s Illumination Project 2013

Kyoto has many illumination events all year around. This year, Chionin Temple had a wonderful, state-of-the art project.
It is officially called “Chionin Projection Mapping”. As you can see in the video below, the gate called Sanmon was lit up like a screen for moving artworks made by many different colored lights. It was like a disco in a temple, although everybody was viewing it very quietly.

This project was part of an annual event called Hanatoro Higashiyama. There were other special illumination events going on, so if you would like to visit Kyoto in March, you should check this out (I’m not sure if Chionin will do this event next year or not). For your information, Hanatoro Higashiyama was held on March 8th to 17th this year (2013).

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