Plan Kyoto Travel – National Holidays in Japan

When you are planning to visit Kyoto or Japan for sightseeing, you might want to check the National Holidays in Japan as well as in your own country.

Why? Because depending on the time, the number of people visiting Kyoto is very different. If your holidays coincide with Japanese ones, then you need to make a plan early.

Except for the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves season, there are three main busy periods due to holidays.

1. December 30th to January 3rd – New Year Holidays.
2. At the end of April to May 5th – Golden Week which consists of several different holidays close together.
3. August 13th to August 16th – Obon; the festival of souls where people visit their parents’ homes and graveyards of their ancestors.

You should probably avoid these periods. If you can’t, then I recommend you book your hotels as soon as possible.

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