How to Pray in Shrines

As you might know, Japan has a lot of temples and shrines all over the country, and some of them are popular as sightseeing spots.

When Japanese people, including me, go to a shrine, we usually pray. If you are planning to visit some shrines, I’m sure you will see people praying there as well.

Each shrine has one or more specific Gods. People believe that they have a specific gift or blessing. For example, Shimogamo Shrine is popular among people who are looking for a partner. Yasaka Shrine is believed to make your business successful. And Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, which is famous for its beautiful plum blossoms, is filled with students who are about to take important entrance exams.

But do you know how to pray in shrines?

There are a couple of different methods, but I will tell you the most common one.

・ Throw a coin into the coin box.
・ If there is a rope attached to a bell, shake it.
. Bow twice.
. Clap your hands twice in front of your chest.
. Make a wish.
. Bow again.

It’s not necessary to do it every time you visit a shrine. But if you want to, feel free.

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