3 Best Spots During Summer in Kyoto

It might seem early to talk about summer, but since you have to plan ahead when you travel to a different country, I thought now would be the best time to write this article.

Kyoto in summer is honestly tough. It’s hot and humid. On the other hand, you can enjoy ice creams, iced drinks, cold beer, sun-bathing/forest bathing and so on.

So I picked three spots which could be especially nice during summer I hope it will help you plan your trip to Kyoto.

1. Kurama Temple/Kibune Shrine: These places are away from the city and located in the mountains. If you like exercising and hiking, you can walk between these two places. I recommend you start from Kurama, so that you can treat yourself to a nice Kawadoko lunch in Kibune area (Kawadoko is a special dining area which restaurants set up above the river).

2. Shimogamo Shrine: Shimogamo Shrine has a serene forest inside its premises called “Tadasu Forest”. Mostly this shrine is surrounded by tall trees so you can hide from the sunlight. In addition, you can walk to Kamogawa River and have a picnic (if there are a bunch of hawks flying; be careful, they like human food).

3. Nishiki/Shinkyogoku/Teramachi Arcades: Because these streets have roofs, you can enjoy walking/window shopping without fierce sunlight. There are many cafes and restaurants serving cold drinks and foods. Recharge your energy for more sightseeing here!

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