Horse Racing At Kamigamo Shrine

Kamigamo Kurabeuma is said to be the origin of horse racing in Japan. This event started during the reign of Emperor Horikawa in 1093. Today (May 5th) I had an opportunity to see this traditional event held at Kamigamo Shrine.

Horse Racing Event
Kamigamo Kurabeuma

The jockeys are wearing colorful warrior uniforms. Two horses are galloping and compete for speed. The original event had one rider being chased by the other, so the starting point is not even. Therefore, the judges need to consider how far apart the horses are from each other at the beginning and the end of the race.

I could not see the whole event, but I saw three or four races. Since I heard the jockeys were not professional, I did not expect to see the full speed horse galloping. I was wrong.

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