Gion Corner in Kyoto Lowering Price

Japanese Traditional Flower Arrangement Art
Japanese Traditional Flower Arrangement Art

Good news for foreign tourists and students coming to Kyoto on a school trip!!

Gion Corner, which has become a country owned organization decided to lower the price for foreign visitors and Japanese students visiting Kyoto on a school trip.

For readers who are not familiar with Gion Corner, it is an organization where you can see Japan’s (especially Kyoto’s) seven different traditional arts and cultures including Kyoto’s traditional dance, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, Koto (Japanese harp), Kyogen (comical play), court music and traditional puppet show.

Because of this organizational change, foreign tourists can see the show at 2500 yen (it used to be 3150 yen). Note that you need to visit Gion Corner in July, August, September, November, December, January or February to be eligible for the discount.

Also the booklet and homepage are now translated into Russian, Portuguese and Italian in addition to English, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish and French.

If you are interested, click here and choose your native language at the bottom.

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