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Kyoto is known as a center of traditional culture and history in Japan. This is true. However, Kyoto is not out of date when it comes to technology. Although choices are limited compared to Akihabara in Tokyo, Kyoto has a couple of decent electronics stores as well.

If you are into technology or get tired of sightseeing at historical temples and shrines all day, browsing the electronics stores might be a good idea. The two stores that I am going to introduce, Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera, are both well located and very large. This is your opportunity to get highly reliable Made-in-Japan products. However if you want to buy something, be sure to ask the staff if you can use it in your country.

Yodobashi Camera

This is my favorite store and when I need to buy electronics worth more than than 2000 yen, I go to Yodobashi(Japanese site). This is a very large store and you can literally get everything you need, not only technological products but even groceries and cosmetics.

Underground 2nd: Food and fabric
Underground 1st: Mobile phones, mobile phone related products, PCs, PC related products, stationary
1st: Cameras, watches, beauty products
2nd: CD/DVDs, music instruments, bicycles, TVs
3rd: Home electronics, toys
4th: Clothes, accessories
5th: Sports wears, shoes
6th: Restaurants, book store

Bic Camera

Bic Camera is a major competitor of Yodobashi Camera not only in Kyoto but in every big city throughout Japan. Although there is not a big difference from Yodobashi, they seem to focus more on electronics.

1st: Mobile phones
2nd: Visual, liquors
3rd: Cameras, audio products, travel related products
4th: PC, PC related products, glasses
5th: Beauty products, health products, sports
6th: Consumer electronics
7th: Games, toys, CD/DVDs

Here’s the map. As you can see they are close to each other:

Map of Yodobashi and Bic in Kyoto
Map of Yodobashi and Bic in Kyoto

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2 thoughts on “Electronics Stores in Kyoto

  1. BIC seems very overpriced to me. I wanted to buy an SD card and the prices seemed outrageous. One I looked at was 30,300 yen and the exact same card at B&H in New York is $83. I can understand some price difference, but over three times as much seems far too extreme. I also compared prices on a camera (Japanese, by the way); approximately $1200 at BIC and $1095 at B&H.

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