How to Use Japanese Toilets (Especially Ladies)

A lot of foreign tourists face this problem (?). If you plan to come to Kyoto, you will face it too. I’m talking to you, ladies.

In Kyoto and Japan in general has two different types of toilets; western style and Japanese style.

I don’t think I need to explain how to use the western style toilet here, so I will concentrate on Japanese one.

There are two big differences between western and Japanese type. 1) When using Japanese style, you need to face the side with a small hood and 2) there is no seat on Japanese toilet. So basically you need to squat over the toilet to do it. Try not to get your underwear dirty. Pull your pants down to right above your knees. That’s the key.

For people who do not want to use Japanese style toilet, I’ll tell you how to distinguish the two before you open the door. When the bathroom is crowded, most certainly the shortest line will lead you to Japanese style toilet. If you (or your child) can’t wait, do not fear and be brave!!

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