Ritz Carlton Hotel Coming To Kyoto on Feburuary 2014

The American luxury hotel group, Ritz Carlton, will open its first Kyoto location on February 7th 2014.

Kamogawa River
Kamogawa River

This hotel will open alongside beautiful Kamogawa river, and from most of the rooms you can see the river and mountains in the Higashiyama district. I’m sure whenever you come, you can enjoy picturesque Kyoto views.

Since I jog along Kamogawa river almost every weekend, I knew there was construction along the river and have been wondering what they were building. And as a citizen of Kyoto, believe me when I say it is a wonderful location.

Kyoto has special rules for constructing new buildings to prevent from destroying Kyoto’s old view. You can not construct a building which exceeds 60 meters (196 ft). And this hotel follows these rules and also uses traditional Kyoto design.

According to VOGUE Japan, the room size will be 50 square meters on average which will make it bigger than any other hotel rooms in Kyoto.

If you plan to come to Kyoto next year and are hoping for a gorgeous stay, maybe this new hotel could be a good choice.

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