17 World Heritage Sites in Kyoto and their URLs and Map

Kyoto has a tremendous amount of historically and culturally valuable spots throughout the city. And as I mentioned in How Many Temples/Shrines Are In Kyoto?, there are a lot of historical buildings which have existed for more than a few hundred years. Therefore it is safe to say that you can feel Japan’s real traditional atmosphere in Kyoto. To prove my point, there are 17 World Heritage Sites (two are in Uji City and one is in Otsu City) in Kyoto.

UNESCO chooses World Heritage Sites whose value ought to be protected. There are three categories for the World Heritage Sites: Cultural, Natural and Mixed Cultural and Natural Heritage. The sites in Kyoto are all categorized as Cultural sites.

The followings are the World Heritage Sites in Kyoto. I listed their official webpages (most of them are in English). I hope this list will help you decide where to visit. I listed these spots in an order of accessibility.

Kiyomizudera Temple

Kinkakuji Temple
(Japanese – Clicking the Language tab on the top bar didn’t work when I tried)

Kinkakuji Temple Picture
Kinkakuji Temple Picture

Ginkakuji Temple
(Japanese – Clicking the Language tab on the top bar didn’t work when I tried)

Ryoanji Temple

Nishi Honganji Temple

Nijo Castle

Nijo castle in darkness
Nijo castle in darkness

Toji Temple

Shimogamo Shrine

Tenryuji Temple
(Japanese – Access page)

Tenryuji Picture
Tenryuji Picture

Ninnaji Temple

Kamigamo Shrine

Byodoin Temple (Uji City)
(Japanese: Access page)

Ujigami Shrine (Uji City)
URL does not exist. Please check my guidebook if you are interested.

Daigoji Temple

Enryakuji Temple (Otsu City)

Kosanji Temple
(Japanese: Access page)

Saihoji Temple
This does not have a homepage. To visit this temple, you need to make a reservation beforehand with a letter. Also, you are required to donate 3000 yen or more and participate in some cultural and religious activities like calligraphy. If you are interested, ask the hotel staff where you are going to stay. Note that you have to send the letter at least one week prior to your visit to the temple.

Here’s the map where you can get a glimpse of their locations.

Kyoto World Heritage Sites Map
Kyoto World Heritage Sites Map