Summer in Kyoto

Since summer is getting closer in Kyoto, today I’d like to talk about what you can expect in this season.

Kyoto’s summer is famous for being hot and humid.

If you are not familiar with this kind of weather you might be overwhelmed or at least surprised. But if you plan to stay in Kyoto less than 10 days and summer is the only time you can take a vacation, then why not?

In summer, the temperature gets as high as 35 c (91 f) and it is very sunny. For people from the southern hemisphere like Australia where you have winter while we have summer, be careful to pack sunglasses, small towels, T-shirts and shorts. As for shoes, I recommend shoes you are comfortable with and are broken in, such as sneakers because it is likely that you will have to walk a lot (and you will enjoy it!).

I recommend you take a break every two or three hours to get out of the sun and stay hydrated. There are so many cafes and convenience stores where you can get something cold to drink. And since it is hot outside, maybe you can try cold foods such as soba or udon (they are served cool) as a pick me up (the udon restaurant called Omen that I recommend in the guidebook is a
perfect place).

Lastly Kyoto has two big events during summer, Gion festival and Gozan Okuribi (Chinese characters are spelled out with bon fires on the mountains). They are held mainly in the middle of July (14th – 16th for main events) and August 16th respectively. So if you are planning to visit Kyoto during summer, you might want to take those two events into consideration.

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