Water Cafe in Kyoto

Kyoto city opened its first Water Cafe at an arcade in the central area. Water Cafe is a limited time event to promote Kyoto’s tap water’s quality, availability and affordability.

You can enjoy drinking a shaved ice (100 yen), green tea (100 yen), iced coffee (50 yen) and iced tea (50 yen). As you can guess, the water from the tap is used to make them.

Maybe you are worried about drinking water straight from the tap. But you can drink clean water from the tap in Japan. So don’t worry about its cleanliness.

This special cafe opens at noon to 19:00 only on weekends until August 18th (August 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th).

You can get to this cafe as follows.
From Kyoto Shiyakusyomae station (Subway Tozai), find the TERAMACHI arcade, you can find the cafe on your right side very soon. From Shijo street, find the entrance to the TERAMACHI arcade, then go straight until you pass the Sanjo Street. Keep walking and you will reach to another small street, Aneyakoji dori. Check your left side, and you can find the cafe.

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