Green Tea Donuts at mister DONUTS

Many people think the green tea is something you should try in Japan.
That’s true. You can have a good quality green tea and matcha (powdered tea).
But some people might not like the bitterness they contain.

However, there is another way to enjoy the green tea flavor. You can EAT it. You can either eat it in normal food or Japanese and western sweets. This time, I’d like to introduce Green Tea (Matcha) Donuts from a popular donut chain called, mister DONUTS.

mister DONUTS was founded 50 years ago in the US and came to Japan in 1971. Since then they have opened many stores across Japan, and in many other countries as well.

When I visited mister DONUTS a week ago, there were three Matcha flaoverd donuts; Old Fashion Matcha, Old Fashion Matcha Chocolate & Pon de Ring Matcha. I got the Old Fashion Matcha (right) and Ponde de Ring Matcha (left).

Green Tea Donuts from mister DONUTS.
Green Tea Donuts from mister DONUTS.

There are several mister DONUTS shops in Kyoto, but the easiest shops to find are inside Kyoto station. There is one on the second floor on the north side (Karasuma Exit aka Kyoto Tower side) of JR Kyoto Station and one on the first floor on the south side (Hachijo Exit).

If you want to try the Matcha flavor in something you are familiar with, maybe Matcha Donuts can be good starting point.

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