Kyoto Guidebook Published!!!

The Kyoto Guidebook (ebook), which I have been writing for a year, is now availabe on Amazon!

Kyoto Guidebook Cover Photo
Kyoto Guidebook Cover Photo

If you are interested in visiting Kyoto (or Japan), please consider buying this ebook, because there is so much useful and fun information that you can’t find in a traditional guidebook. For example, you will be able to learn how to buy a train ticket at the station. You might laugh, but I’ve seen so many tourists wandering around the ticket machines not knowing what to do. You do not want to have this kind of trouble. And the “photo scavenger hunt” section, which you can’t see in the traditional guidebooks either, will make your trip even more fun and memorable. You can buy this guidebook for just 6.80 USD (This is the price, but it is the same everywhere). You will notice that there are no photographs aside from the cover picture. I purposefully did not put any pictures because I can decrease the file size (and price!) and more importantly, I’d like you to see Kyoto with your own eyes! I’m sure you will be more excited and impressed when you come to Kyoto this way!

Here’s the table of contents of this Kyoto Guidebook:

What is Kyoto Like?
Climates and Seasons in Kyoto
Special Events & Festivals
10 Places to Visit
17 World Heritage Sites in Kyoto and Map
Kiyomizu Area
Ginkaku Area
Kinkaku Area
Nijo Demachi Area
Kyoto Station Area
Town Area
Arashiyama Area
Fushimi Inari Area
Kurama Kibune Area
Uji Area
Model Plans
5 Questions to Enjoy Adventure in Kyoto
Photo Scavenger Hunt
3 Great Jogging Courses in Kyoto
Kyoto Illumination Event Calender
How to Enjoy Kyoto When It Rains
How to Pray in Shrines
Historical Figures in Kyoto
Restaurant Recommendations
5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Kyoto
Transportation from Airports and Tokyo
Transportation in Kyoto
Basic Rules and Information in Japan
Basic Japanese Words
General Information

Finally, if you are looking for a guidebook with information on shops and restaurants recommended by a Kyoto local, this is the one you should check out!!

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