Emergency Call in 5 Languages in Kyoto

Kyoto City started a new effort to make Kyoto even more approachable for foreign tourists. Now emergency calls are accepted in 5 different languages.

Kyoto has many tourists from all around the world. Most of time, they go back to their countries without any problems. However, this does not mean that there is no chance of an emergency where immediate help is needed.

In that case, an emergency call is required. Although it is limited to an extreme case, it is nice to know that you can call in your native language. From October 1st, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean are available for emergency calls. Note that the communication is held with three different parties; a caller, an interpreter and an authority. And in cases where the authorities are at the scene, the communication is held using one phone.

To use this service, dial 119. 119 is used for calling an ambulance or getting emergency assistance at the site. This service is available 24/365.

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