Nijo Castle Autumn Festa 2013

A World Heritage Site, Nijo Castle in Kyoto is holding its annual event, Autumn Festa (2013). This is an one-month long event from October 19th to November 24th.

Although it has already started, there are still many interesting programs coming up. For example, taking a rickshaw tour inside the premises might be memorable. And a Koto (Japanese harp) concert can be nice and relaxing.

The following information is based on the events that a tourist can join easily.

October 19th – November 24th: Many established shops in Kyoto will gather in Nijo Castle. It is a good opportunity to buy stuff made by real Kyoto companies. (9:00 – 16:45)

October 19th – November 10th: Chrysanthemum displays. Many colorful chrysanthemum flowers will stand out right next to the old, gorgeous gate.

October 19th- October 26th: A rare chance to see the Nijo Castle from a rickshaw. Is there any more “Japanese experience” than this? (first 20 pairs on weekdays and 20 pairs on weekends)

November 4th: A jazz performance by Yano Katsuhiro Quintet. (11:00 – 14:00)

November 17th: Falconry. Highly skilled expert will perform traditional falconry. (At 11:00 and 14:00)

November 23rd: A concert by a professonal Koto player, Nozomi Miyanishi. A Koto is a Japanese traditional harp. (11:00 – 14:00)

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