Hanatoro: Kyoto Arashiyama Illumination Event 2013

Kyoto holds an illumination event called Hanatoro every year in Arashiyama and Higashiayama area. This post focuses on Arashiyama Hanatoro which starts on December 14th and ends on December 23rd.

As mentioned in Arashiyama Is Back To Normal , Arashiyama area, especially near Katsuragawa River was badly damaged. However, everything is almost back to normal, except for some businesses near the river.

Fortunately, the Hanatoro Illumination Event will be held this year as usual. Here’s the map. As for how to get to Arashiyama, be sure to check this article and also our Kyoto Guidebook.

Hanatoro Arashiyama Event Map
Hanatoro Arashiyama Event Map

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