Event Calender in Kyoto – December 2013

Toji “Junk” Flea Market

Although it is called “Garakuta (junk)” flea market, it is possible to find a valuable bargain. This flea market is full of interesting antiques and hand crafts. The best souvenirs might be found here. Also, since it is held at Toji Temple (World Heritage site), browsing the flea market and visiting the temple can be combined. December 1st.
Open Hours: 7:00 – 16:00

Christmas & New Year Postcard Display

There is an old Kyoto style house with a small gallery called Be Kyoto inside. During a certain time period in December they display Christmas and New Year themed postcards. These cards are for both displaying and selling. If intending to visit Kyoto during this period, get a special postcard here and send it to friends and family members. In addition to the postcards, they also display light fixture artworks. December 7th – 12th.
Open Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (17:00 on 12th)

Hayashi Regular Noh-play

Hayashi family is one of the five biggest Noh-play groups in Kyoto and has been contributing the preservation and progression of Noh-play culture for a few hundred years. This year will mark the 93rd regular Noh play stage. Noh-play is a traditional theatrical show. Performers are wearing masks while acting and dancing. If interested, it is better to ask hotel staff to reserve the ticket, since the seats are limited. This is their contact information: tel 075-751-8158 email hayashi-noh@yahoo.co.jp
Fee: 4000 yen for advance ticket 4500 yen for walk-up ticket
The venue is open at 11:20. The show starts at noon and ends at 17:00.

Note that the end and beginning of the year is itself a festival. Many temples will ring the big bell 108 times and shrines (also temples) are full of people praying for the New Year. More information can be found in Three Most Popular Spots in Kyoto For New Year Holidays.

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