Bus Fare Changes Will Make Arashiyama Easier To Acess

Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus decided to change the bus fare, and because of that Arashiyama can be reached for 220 yen from March 2014.

Now it is required to pay extra money in addition to the normal fare of 220 yen. This rule also applies to the One Day Pass Card holder, which has caused some confusion among tourists. However, thanks to the upcoming fair changes, Arashiyama will be easier to access by bus. With this change, One Day Pass Card holders will not need to pay the balance either.

This will make a bus ride slightly cheaper than a train ride when it comes to visiting Arashiyama area. From Kyoto Station, JR Sagano Line will cost 230 yen to get to Saga Arashiyama, whereas Kyoto City Bus (light green body with dark green line) and Kyoto Bus (white body with wine red line) will require 220 yen (Note: FROM 2014 MARCH).

Businesses in Arashiyama hope that this change will make them more appealing to tourists. This area was damaged by a powerful typhoon on Septemebr 16th, and is desperate to bring more tourists to recover from it.

This will definitely make Arashiyama more accessible by bus, however, for people who focus on comfortable and less time-consuming experiences, the train is still a better choice, at least from Kyoto Station.

UPDATE: From April 2014, because of the decision Japanese Government make to increase the consumption tax, the bus fare is also going up (220 yen -> 230 yen).

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