Kyoto City Bus & Subway Fare Will Be Increased From April 2014

Because of the decision Japanese Government made to increase the consumption tax, the Kyoto City Bus and Subway will also increase their fare from April 2014.

The bus fare will increase to 230 yen (120 yen/child) from the current 220 yen (110 yen/child) for a uniform charge. As for the subway, the fare 210 yen (a passenger can reach a few stations away) will be the same, but the fare 250 – 340 yen will be increased by 10 yen. These fare changes will also be effective from April 2014.

Fortunately, there is positive news for any traveler coming to Kyoto. The price of One Day Free Pass (500 yen for bus/600yen for subway/1200 yen for bus & subway) cards won’t be changed.

For people planning to visit Arashiyama Area by bus, be sure to check this article.

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