Kyoto Matcha Sweet in NY

For people who happen to be in New York City and are interested in Japanese sweets, I have some good news. A popular sweet store called Malebranche in Kiataya, Kyoto started selling their flagship products, Cha No Ka at the head Dean & Deluca store in New York City.

Cha No Ka has been popular as a Kyoto gift recently. It combines Japanese traditional flavor, Matcha (powdered green tea) and western sweets. Cha No Ka is a sweet which sandwiches high quality white chocolate using Matcha flavored cookies. The combination of Matcha’s bitterness and the sweetness of white chocolate is exquisitely perfect.

This can be a nice luxurious snack with a cup of coffee or tea on a busy afternoon in New York City. According to the Dean & Deluca’s website, this product can be ordered online. Please check their website for more information:

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