Monkeys in Hot Spring at Kyoto Zoo February 11th

Kyoto Zoo had a special event on January 12th, which was very relaxing and hot event for monkeys.
They had a chance to enjoy a hot spring.

This event was first organized by two students at a local junior high school. It has been conducted annually except for 2013 due to construction.

It is not a real hot spring, though. The zoo puts warm water into the pool installed at the monkey park. Nonetheless, several brave monkeys (among about 40 monkeys) enjoyed taking a cozy bath time on 12th January.

It is another reason to visit Kyoto Zoo, especially for travelers with kids. Note that this event is NOT held everyday. There is only one more opportunity to see the monkeys in the hot spring this year, it will start from 1:30 PM on February 11th in 2014.

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Kyoto Zoo

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