Special Campaign for Winter at High Class Restaurants in Kyoto

Compared to other seasons, winter can be a little less exciting in terms of the number of events. In fact, winter has the fewest tourists in Kyoto.

However, there is good news for those who will visit Kyoto during winter. Kyoto has just launched a winter limited campaign where visitors can enjoy eating at the long-established restaurants with a few fixed price sets. This is very exciting and innovating in a way, because some of these restaurants don’t accept first timers, and often don’t put a menu board in front of their stores, which surely discourages customers.

Thanks to this special campaign though, visitors, including foreign tourists, can enjoy their food without any fear. It won’t be a cheap meal, nonetheless, if it is a special occasion, it is worth trying.

Note that depending on the restaurants, there might be some dress codes. If this campaign sounds good, be sure to bring some semi-nice cloths (for a guy, maybe a shirt with collar and a tie). Reservation by phone is required, and probably it is done in Japanese. Therefore, it is better to ask the hotel staff in advance and let them handle.

Here’s the procedure.

1. Choose the type of food from this list (some stores have English menu or English-speaking staff): http://www.krws.jp/list

2. Choose the restaurant and check the price sets.

3. Choose the date and time, then make a reservation (ask a concierge at the hotel).

Japanese food was recently designated as an intangible asset by UNESCO and thus, it has been attracting attention from all over the world. This is the great opportunity to try the authentic and tasty Japanese food, only for winter travelers. Note that this campaign ends on 28th February.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! If you have an opportunity to visit Japan again, please choose Kyoto next time. There are many good things to do, eat and see here:)

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