10 Unknown Truths in Kyoto

Daruma Drawing in Tenryuji Temple
Daruma Drawing in Tenryuji Temple

For some travelers, Kyoto and Japan in general might be very different and hard to understand. That is understandable, but if the following 10 unknown truths about Kyoto are learned, the trip will be fun and less-stressful.

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1. Tap water in Kyoto is safe to drink.

2. Water at the cafe/restaurants is free (except for branded water such as Perrier).

3. Some spots do not have western style toilets (pay attention to this, ladies).

4. Cash is easier to use than credit cards.

5. The buses and trains do not operate 24 hours.

6. There are many authentic Indian (and Nepalese) curry restaurants.

7. Most temples/shrines do not allow tripods.

8. Shrines are free to enter.

9. There are many heavy traffic jams on weekends and sightseeing seasons (Tip: Try using subways and trains whenever possible).

10. Do reserve the hotels in advance. Some (or many) hotels will not accept customers without reservation.

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