Important News: Kyoto Guidebook Updated!

Kyoto e-Guidebook was updated yesterday. This update includes:

  • Information on each Area was changed to reflect the current situation!
  • Hotel section has brief information on each accommodation!
  • Layout of the page was changed to make the look more clear!
  • Information on history was added. Now readers can learn Japanese history within 5 minutes! This is important when it comes to visiting historical spots, since visits are ten times more meaningful when you know the basic history behind the spots.
  • “3 Shrines to Seek a Mate” and “3 Shrines to Pray for Successful Business” have also been included.

For those who have purchased the book and are coming to Kyoto, be sure to update it! According to Amazon’s publisher site, readers can update the book from My Kindle page. If not, go to Kindle’s support and customer service page and explain the situation and ask for a download using the form (Reply via Email is recommended).

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