Cherry Blossoms Have Started in Kyoto

Breaking News: The Cherry Blossoms Season in 2014 has officially arrived. On March 27th, staff working for Nijo Castle found out that several cherry flowers were starting to bloom on the premises. They are likely to be full bloom in one week to ten days. It will be extremely busy during this season, so be prepared and plan well.

The City Bus might not be the ideal transportation method during this season, although it is more affordable than other methods. However this is a perfect opportunity to try the hop on-off bus in Kyoto, since it is supposed to be less busy due to the reservation system. For more information on the hop on-off bus, check Hop On-Off Bus in Kyoto. Also, it is a good idea to use the subways instead of the buses.

And be sure to check some spots which organize the illumination events in Kyoto on Kyoto 2014 Spring Illumination Event List & Calender.

For more fun and useful information, which will make your trip memorable and special, please check our Kyoto e-Guidebook. Information on great spots to view the cherry blossoms are also found in the guidebook.

3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Have Started in Kyoto

  1. Good Tips! Last year we went to Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto for Cherry Blossoms viewing, It’s particularly pretty in cherry blossom season. There are plenty of places to stop off to purchase souvenirs or have refreshments.

  2. Thank you! They are getting beautiful day by day now!! It is a long path, but as you said, there are many things to do and see. At this exact moment, I think that Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden is the best spot to see the cherry blossoms.

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