Two Hotels Connected to Kyoto Station

For some people, the hotel’s distance from the station is very important. Fortunately, there are many choices for them in Kyoto. As a matter of fact, there are about 100 hotels near Kyoto Station. And two of them are located IN the station building. For those who are interested in these two ultra-convenient hotels, there is some useful information to be considered.

Obviously the biggest difference between them is the price. The information below reflects the cheapest deals; one night, two people, standard room with breakfast. However, this can change depending on the hotel-booking site used.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto: 120 USD/person
Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto: 60 USD/person

Room Size For a Standard Room
For people from the western world (especially US), Japanese hotel rooms might seem very small, unless staying in a superior room. 30 square meters at Granvia is one of the largest standard rooms in Kyoto.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto: 30 square meters
Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto: 16 square meters

Most hotels have free Internet connection (some hotels provide only LAN connection). And some hotels lend PCs to guests (numbers are limited).

Hotel Granvia Kyoto: LAN & WiFi, free
Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto: LAN, free

Fitness & Swimming Pool
These facilities are limited to luxurious hotels. Granvia falls under this category. But note that there will be a lot of walking when exploring Kyoto. If that’s not enough, this could be important.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto: Both facilities are provided for a fee, and free for customers staying at Granvia floors (14th and 15th) and sweet rooms.
Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto: None.

Standard Check-in & Check-out Time
This actually depends on the plan. Even if arriving early, both hotels will be happy to keep your suitcases (but not valuable items).

Hotel Granvia Kyoto: In 15:00 or later Out 12:00 or earlier
Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto: In 15:00 or later Out 11:00 or earlier

Year Opened
The newer, the better. Hotel Kintetsu can be regarded as brand-new. However, Granvia also has done renovations 6 years ago.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto: 1998 (2008 renovated)
Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto: 2011

Both hotels have English sites. It is a good idea to make a selection by looking at pictures of the room.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto
Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto

For more fun and useful information, please check Kyoto e-Guidebook.

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