Department Stores in Kyoto

Some might think that department stores are not for sightseeing. They are absolutely right. Mostly, they sell luxurious items to (most of the time) local residents.

However, there is one section which can be very appealing to everyone including tourists. That is the deli section. It’s true that the price is higher than supermarkets and convenience stores, however, the food provided at department stores are just amazing and simply tasty.

The deli corner at most department stores is located in the basement and is very big. They offer many kinds of food, from Japanese to Chinese to French to Fusion. Usually there are ten to twenty different stores inside the food section. Some of them are nationally or locally recognized. And some luxurious restaurants and brands also sell deli foods for reasonable prices. It is not a restaurant, so the customers have to take out the foods. That’s why it is good idea to go there in the afternoon after the sightseeing, get whatever looks promising, and eat it at the hotel.

The price is different depending on the volume and stores. It usually cost 650 yen – 1300 yen for a Bento box (lunch box style).

The following is a simple map describing the locations of the three big department stores (Isetan, Daimaru and Takashimaya) in Kyoto. Fore more fun and useful information, please check Kyoto e-Guidebook (6.41 USD) on Amazon.

Kyoto Department Stores Map
Kyoto Department Stores Map

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