Kyoto Anime Manga Network Shop – Kyoto Amanone

Kyoto City’s Cross Media Center opened an Anime/Manga Shop called Kyoto Amanone in Kyoto City. This store sells a wide variety of Anime/Manga related goods (more than 300 different goods).

This store especially focuses on works based on Kyoto such as “有頂天家族”(The Eccentric Family) and “薄桜鬼” (Hakuoki) and features works created by creators who grew up in Kyoto including Chuya Koyama (Space Brothers).

For visitors who love Japanese Anime/Mangas, this could become one of the most important spots to visit. In addition to Anime/Manga goods, Kyoto Amanone will open a take-out drink section inside the store on April 26th 2014.

(Walk east from the Subway.) Click here to check their official site (Japanese).

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