Event Calender in Kyoto – May 2014

“Yabusame” Horse Riding Archery

This is a part of Aoi Festival which is held annually. To purify the route, there horseback archery is held at Shimogamo Shrine. It is exciting to see skillful horse riders shoot arrows. Expected it to be crowded. 13:00 – 15:30. May 3rd.

“Kamo Kurabeuma” Horse Racing

This is an old tradition which started in 1093. “Kamo Kurabeuma” is thought to be the origin of Japanese horse racing. Two riders wearing court dance costumes race for both skills and speed. For more information, read “Horse Racing at Kamigamo Shrine“, which includes a video. 14:00 -. May 5th.

Flee Market Inside Machiya House

For those who are looking for special gift or souvenir, what about arts and crafts made by local artists?
There will be about 20 shops which boast original hand crafted goods. In addition, there will be a piano and erh hu (2 stringed instrument) recital on Monday (May 12th). 11:00 – 18:00. May 10th – 12th.

Aoi Fetival

This is one of the biggest and oldest festival in Japan. In this festival, there is a big parade of people wearing costumes from the Heian Era (794 – 1192). This procession consists of about 500 people, 36 horses, 4 bulls, 2 oxcarts and 1 portable shrine. Our Kyoto e-Guidebook has more detailed information on this annual festival. This site has information on the course of procession. This procession starts at Kyoto Imperial Palace (10:30), stops by at Shimogamo Shrine (11:40) and ends at Kamigamo Shrine (15:30). Aoi Festival is held on May 15th.

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