Another Luxury Hotel will Come to Kyoto – Four Seasons

As a capital of Japanese tourism, Kyoto has many hotels compared to other cities in Japan.
However there is still a demand for new accommodation facilities here. In fact, during some busy seasons, it tends to be full, and many people have to stay at hotels in cities nearby or simply give up on visiting Kyoto.

In addition to that, there is another demand in regard to hotels in Kyoto; luxury accommodations. There are several luxury hotels and ryokan (Japanese style accommodations) which are regarded as exceptionally luxurious and fancy in Kyoto, including Westin Miyako Hotel, Kyoto Hotel Okura Kyoto, Hoshinoya, Hyatt Regency Kyoto and Rits Carlton Kyoto, which opened recently.

There will be another luxury hotel in Kyoto, which is Four Seasons Hotel in Kyoto. Just like Ritz Carlton Hotel, this hotel will also comply with Kyoto’s regulation on protecting historical landscapes. This will result in relatively small sized hotel. There will be 4 ground levels and 3 underground levels which will contain 186 rooms. This hotel is located at Higashiyama Area where many historical spots are found including Sanjyu Sangendo Temple. It will be direct competitor to Hyatt which also boasts a luxurious atmosphere and five-star grade in the same region. Four Seasons Hotel in Kyoto will open in winter 2014.

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