Shoryuen: New Shopping Site in Arashiyama

Kyoto has many established stores across a wide variety of goods. In fact, there are too many.
And it is natural that people who are visiting Kyoto want to take a look at at least some of them. However, for tourists, especially those from foreign countries, it is rather difficult to distinguish established brands, except by how the building looks.

Tenryuji Temple in Arashiyama
Tenryuji Temple in Arashiyama

There is good news for folks who are keen to try Kyoto’s most known brands. Now, in front of Arashiyama Station of the Keifuku Line (Randen tram), a new shopping site is open. This shopping center, called “Shoryuen”, focuses on providing various products, including food, by these established stores in Kyoto.

On the first floor, there is a food court with 100 chairs where visitors can choose and buy their favorite foods including pickles from Nishiri, Matcha flavor eclair from Kitayama Malebranche and sweet rice dumplings (dango) from Mamemasa and more. On the second floor, there are stores such as Syoeido (incense), Asahido (Kiyomizuyaki pottery) and Oshita (chopsticks).

Note that this facility is open from 10 – 17.

There is much more information on Kyoto Guidebook, which stresses on making your trip more fun, memorable and stress-free.

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