Kyoto Gift : Green Tea

Japanese people are known to be big fans of green tea. Although elder people tend to consume more, younger generations also enjoy the taste of green tea especially with traditional sweets.

Therefore, it is easy to find green tea almost everywhere in Japan. However, Kyoto’s green tea is very special, because Kyoto City is located near Uji City where the highest quality green tea is harvested. This has resulted in the development of “green tea culture”. This makes green tea the perfect gift (or souvenir) from Kyoto.

Although green tea is regarded as “a” type of tea, there are various types and grades. For example, Matcha is milled green tea. Here are 6 basic types of green tea, which are available at many green tea stores across Kyoto.

Gyokuro is grown without sunlight for twenty days, which will give plenty of “Umami” and less bitterness. Gyokuro is one of the most expensive kinds.

Sencha is produced by steaming and roasting fresh tea leaves to suppress fermentation. It has a refreshing flavor, and it is the most consumed green tea in Japan.

Kabusecha is made by covering green tea leaves from sunlight for a week. Its color is greener and it contains “Umami” flavor, just like Gyokuro. It is available for a reasonable price.

Hojicha is made by roasting a few different type of green teas. It has a strong roasted flavor and less caffeine.

Genmaicha is unique, since it mixes green tea and brown rice. The scent of roasted brown rice and refreshing Sencha are combined. Since it has less caffeine, Genmaicha is popular among kids.

Matcha can be prepared at a tea ceremony and is regarded as fancy. It goes through many different processes and only high quality products will be used for drinking. Matcha is sometimes used for confectioneries.

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