Kyoto Hotel Ranking Top 5

The hotel is one of the most important aspects of travel for many tourists. Since needs and wants for the facilities are different for each person, it is better to research before choosing the right one. However, when it comes to Kyoto, there are many (maybe too many) accommodation choices – from five-star hotels to low cost hotel styles.

The following is the ranking of the hotels in Kyoto, determined by users of a few popular hotel booking sites in Japan (Rakuten Travel, Jalan and Yado Clip).

Luxury Hotels (Rakuten Travel)

1. Hotel Kanra
2. Kyoto Brighton Hotel
3. Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto
4. Hotel Granvia Kyoto
5. Kyoto Hotel Okura

Comment: If this ranking had been determined by Japanese AND foreign visitors, the western luxury hotels such as Westin Miyako and Hyatt Regency might have been included. Nonetheless, for people who are looking for Japanese atmosphere for accommodation, Hotel Kanra can be very interesting.

Business (& City) Hotels (Jalan)

1. APA Hotel (Kyoto Horikawa)
2. Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto (Also read “Two Hotels Connected to Kyoto Station“)
3. Sakura Terrace
4. Almont Hotel Kyoto
5. New Miyako Hotel

Comment: Understandably, all of the hotels above are located near Kyoto Station. And three out of five hotels (Kintesu, Sakura, Almont) are relatively new (built later than 2010). APA is ranked No.1 because of its very reasonable price.

Guest Houses / Backpacker Hostels (Yado Clip)

1. Musubi-an Gion Kamogawa(
2. Gion Guest House IKKUU
3. Kazariya
4.Guest House Kioto
5. Kyoto Guest House Taiko-ya

Comment: As for guest houses, facilities at scenic spots or in the city center tend to be popular. Most of these places use traditional Japanese houses.

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