Ultra Affordable Breakfast at Kyoto Aquarium

It’s easy to imagine going to an aquarium and having a snack or a glass of juice:
But what about breakfast?

It is possible, here at Kyoto Aquarium.

Kyoto Aquarium is known for its experimental stance on food. For example, it serves fish-shaped Suizokukan (meaning an aquarium) bread and Kyoto Local Vegetable Soft (Serve Ice) Cream.

And this time, they came up with a morning set: which is available only from 9:00 am – 11:00 am on weekdays (Monday to Friday) until July 31st 2014.

And it is so affordable, that it is hard to believe… it costs only…

100 yen (tax included).

This includes one onigiri (rice ball, more information on onigiri can be found in Easy Fun Food in Kyoto – Onigiri), miso soup and pickles (both using local vegetables). It is a small breakfast, and probably won’t be enough to fill you up. So plan to get something else as well like bread and a drink.

This limited breakfast is available at a cafe called Harvest Cafe Kaijyu on the second floor. Note that it is impossible to get food without paying the entrance fee (2050 yen/adult, 1550 yen/college & high school student, 1000 yen/middle & elementary school student, 600 yen/child older than 3).

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