Time Limited Offer to Consider: Aquarium & Kyoto Tower

Here’s another useful piece of information on Kyoto Aquarium in addition to their new ultra affordable breakfast plan.

Kyoto Aquarium and Kyoto Tower have a limited-time offer for people who want to visit both spots.

With this ticket, which costs 2500 yen, an adult can go to both spots for 300 yen less than when buying these tickets separately (2050 yen (Kyoto Aquarium) + 770 yen (Kyoto Tower)).

This special ticket can be purchased either at the ticket center in Kyoto Aquarium or at the ticket center in Kyoto Tower (1st or 11th floor) until August 31st 2014. Note that this ticket is available only for adults, and it can be used only once for each spot (re-entry is not allowed).

The best way to take advantage of this special ticket is to go to the aquarium (it is open from 9:00 till 17:00)during day time and leave the Kyoto Tower for a night time activity (it is open from 9:00 till 21:00, but be sure to get inside by 20:40).

Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Tower

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