Kyoto Shopping Liner: Express Bus Between Kyoto Station and Shopping District

The Kyoto City Bus has started a service especially for shoppers and visitors in Kyoto.

This special bus called “Shijo Kawaramachi Shopping Liner” will bring passengers from Kyoto Station to one of the biggest shopping ares in Kyoto, Shijo Kawaramachi, where the biggest department store in Kyoto (Takashimaya) and two long shopping arcades, Teramachi and Shinkyogoku converge. The best thing about this bus is that it does not make any stops except for Kyoto Station and Shijo Kawaramachi, which will definitely reduce the time spent on the bus.

For those who are looking forward to shopping in Kyoto, this service can be very handy. However, this service is provides only on weekends and national holidays. From Kyoto Station, go to A1 and find the Shijo Kawaramachi Shopping Liner, which comes every 30 minutes. It is available only from 9:36 to 18:06 from Kyoto Station. And from Shijo Kawaramachi, where a new bus stop is added for this line (in front of another department store called OIOI Kyoto Marui), the shopping liner operates from 12:30 to 18:32.

The fare for this bus is the same with other City Bus lines, which is 230 yen/adult and 120 yen/child.

Here’s the map of the bus stop for the shopping liner in Shijo Kawaramachi area.

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