Space Brothers Exhibition at Museum of Kyoto

If you know this manga/animation, it might be a good idea to visit the Museum of Kyoto this summer.

The Space Brothers is a popular manga/animation in Japan created by Chuya Koyama. It is a story of brothers who want to be astronauts. It was a mega hit here, and a live action movie was even made.

For more information about The Space Brothers, check out Wiki.

The Museum of Kyoto will display works related to this animation including colorful illustrations and plots. In addition, JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) will provide space related items such as spacesuits and videos of launching space shuttles.

The Museum of Kyoto will hold this special display from July 30th – September 23rd. For those who love Japanese animation/manga culture, do visit the Kyoto International Manga Museum as well, since they are located in the same area.

The Museum of Kyoto

Kyoto International Manga Museum

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