Rare Fireworks Opportunity in Kyoto

Kyoto is full of events all year around.
Cherry blossoms in spring, Gion Festival in summer, illumination events in fall and special opening of historical objects in winter, and the list goes on.

However, there is one important event in summer missing from this list which is…

Fireworks. There are big firework festivals in cities nearby, such as in Uji (Ujigawa River) and in Otsu (Lake Biwa). However, if restricted to just inside Kyoto City, there seem to be none.

But Kyoto locals know that there is actually one occasion where beautiful fireworks are launched in the sky in Kyoto. This rare opportunity can be found in the Takaragaike Pond area on July 18th and 19th. Unfortunately, the scale is small, and it lasts only for about 10 minutes.

This is a part of an annual program held at the Kokusai Kaikan (Kyoto International Conference Center). This year celebrates the 90th anniversary for having diplomatic relations between Japan and Turkey. Because of this, it features Turkish culture this year. There will be food, drinks and live performances. 4000 yen/adult and 1500 yen/child (older than 6 years old) are required to participate this event as a fee for food and some drinks. The tickets are sold at major convenience stores including LAWSON, Seven Eleven, Family Mart, Circle K and Thanks. For people who don’t know much about the Japanese language, it might be difficult to buy. If this event sounds interesting, go to one of these convenience store and say “Kansha no Yube Ticket Please”. Or show the following sentence.


The event will be held from 17:30 – 20:30. For people who will skip this event and just watch the fireworks, get on the Subway Karasuma Line and get off at Kokusai Kaikan. Near this station, there is a big park surrounding the Takaragaike Pond. Go to the park and claim a spot. The part involving the fireworks will start from 8 PM. Therefore be sure to get there 30 minutes before.

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