Dinosaur Displays at Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium, which opened in 2012, is regarded as a relatively new attraction spot in Kyoto.
It is a unique aquarium featuring not only large tanks with hundreds of fish but also collections of creatures that live in the river running through Kyoto. Also, this aquarium is experimental enough, in a way, that it sells one hundred yen breakfast set for limited time.

The creative minds at Kyoto Aquarium are always thinking about something new, unique and interesting.

And for this summer, Kyoto Aquarium will collaborate with another popular spot that focuses on a different type of creature. They will show displays from Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum. Kyoto Aquarium will put several dinosaur related displays throughout the premises. It is very rare to see both displays at the same time.

In addition, there will be some dinosaur themed food such as dinosaur bread and excavation parfait.

This is time-limited event which will start from July 19th and end in September 24th. For a group traveling with kids, the event produced by Kyoto Aquarium & Fukui Preferactural Dinosaur Museum can be a nice fun visit.

2050 yen/adult, 1550 yen/university and high school student, 1000 yen/junior high school and elementary student, 600 yen/3 and over.
9:00 – 17:00
Irregular (for maintenance)

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