Last Chance to Experience Gion Festival

Kyoto has a one-month long festival, called Gion Festival in July every year.
This is one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, and it is worth checking out for everybody who comes to Kyoto in July.

As it is getting closer to end of the month, there are only a few events left. For those who will be in Kyoto on 28th, this is the a last chance to experience this historical festival, which started more than one thousand years ago.

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On July 28th, there is an event called “Mikoshi Arai”, which means purifying the portable shrines. This event is held twice on July 10th and 28th. Three portable shrines (Mikoshi), which are stored at Yasaka Shrine, have a big role in the festival, and they are very gorgeous. On the 28th, one of the portable shrines is carried to Kamogawa River and purified using water from the river. This ceremony is held at night, and two people carrying a gigantic torch will lead and follow the portable shrine. For those who are interested in this ceremony, go to Shijo Ohashi Bridge at around 6:00 to 6:30 (this might change). The Mikoshi will go back to Yasaka Shrine at 20:30.

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