Kyoto Marathon 2015 Application Starts from July 29th

As mentioned before, Kyoto Marathon’s application procedure will start from July 29th.
For those who are serious about running, it’s great to run the race and do sightseeing before, during and after the marathon.

Heain Jingu Shrine: Goal of the Kyoto Marathon
Heain Jingu Shrine: Goal of the Kyoto Marathon

Here’s some basic information on this marathon:

  • The marathon will take place on February 15th 2015.
  • It starts at 9:00 AM at Nishikyogoku Stadium.
  • 15900 runners will participate.
  • Runners must complete the marathon within 6 hours, and there are time limits at some checkpoints as well.
  • The 20 fastest male and female runners will get a prize. Plus the 3 fastest runners for each age group will be also commended.
  • Qualification: (1) you must have been born before April 1st, 1996. (2) you have to complete the marathon within 5 hours 40 minutes.
  • Fee: 15000 yen. Payment will be due in October.
  • If there are too many applicants, a lottery will be held. The lottery result will be announced on July 7th.
  • Runners must check in at reception on February 13th or 14th (10:30 – 19:00).

Click here to apply for the Kyoto Marathon now!

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