New Hotel Plan on Shopping Arcade in Kyoto: Gracery Teramachi

Hotel Gracery (Fujita Kanko Group) will open a new location in Kyoto, more specifically around Shinkyogoku Arcade.
And it is planning to open in Autumn 2016.

The Hotel Gracery is a business hotel chain. However, the service is great, and it is slightly above the normal business hotel in Japan from my own experience (Hotel Gracery Sapporo).

The location of this hotel is interesting. Two shopping arcades, Teramachi Arcade and Shinkyogoku Arcade, are right in front of the hotel. This makes it a direct competitor to Hotel Vista Premio in terms of location, but the Hotel Vista Premio is considered a city/luxury style hotel, so price will be the key difference between these two hotels as long as the Hotel Gracery does not change its usual price range.

It will be one of the most convenient hotels for shopping and dining, as the two arcades mentioned above plus Nishiki Market are all within walking distance.

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