Event Calender in Kyoto – September 2014

Seiryukai (Dragon Parade)

Seiryukai is a parade where people wearing colorful costumes and a dragon go through Kiyomizudera Temple and its approach. Kyoto was chosen as the capital in 794 due to its geographical features representing four Taoist gods, with a river in the east (dragon), a broad avenue in the west (tiger), a basin in the south (phoenix), and a hill in the north (turtle). And the area surrounding Kiyomizudera Temple is east of Kyoto, which is the reason why this event was planned and started in 2000. September 14th – 15th. 14:00.

Seimei Festival

Seimei Festival is held annually at Seimei Shrine, which is dedicated to a legendary Ying-Yang Master, Seimei Abe. This festival consists of Yoimiya Matsuri(Eve), Reisai (Main Event) and Shinkousai (Parade). Yoimiya features Welcoming lanterns made by local kids and a Shinto ceremony called Yutate Kagura, where water is boiled, purified and given to participants (1000 yen). At Reisai, there are many food stands. And at Shinkosai, a gorgeous portable shrine is carried near the shrine and there is a cute parade of kids playing traditional flutes and wearing traditional costumes. Yoimiya – September 22nd 19:00, Reisai – September 23rd 10:00 and Shinkosai – September 23rd 13:00.

Takasegawa River Boat Festival

Takasegawa River, which was constructed 400 years ago, is a beautiful canal, fitting in with the traditional area. This festival has several live performances and a tea ceremony (500 yen) by Maikos (apprentice Geiko (Geisha)). Furthermore, people can go inside a restored boat from that time period. September 23rd. 10:30 – 16:00.

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