Want to Use Internet With Mobile Phone in Kyoto? Get Prepaid LTE SIM Card

For those who can not live without the Internet no matter where they go, this is good news.

Using the Internet in unfamiliar places can be a big help by checking websites, using a map application and so on.
And sometimes it is nice to send emails to workplaces and family members at home. This has been possible because most hotels provide free Internet via WiFi or LAN cable. Some hotels even prepare free computers for their guests.

Although this service is nice to have, it won’t help when you are outside the hotel.
However, this will change…for people with a cellphone compatible with Prepaid LTE SIM card.

This SIM card, which will give the user a limited amount (100 MB or 500 MB) of internet access, can be purchased at two bus/subway information offices in Kyoto. One is located outside Kyoto Station (Karasuma Exit, where Kyoto Tower can be seen) and the other is located in the underground (KOTOCHIKA area) of Kyoto Station (also Kyoto Tower side). This card is sold at Kansai International Airport as well.

For 500 MB version, it seems that the user can watch YouTube videos for 250 mins and use a map application for 500 times. The 100 MB plan costs 3000 yen (30 days available) and 500 MB costs 5000 yen (60 days available). In case the original amount is used up, a user can recharge by credit card.

It is not cheap, but it might be a good idea to have one for people who plan to stay in Japan for more than ten days.

Note that Blackberry is not currently compatible with this service. It is slightly complicated so please check official website.

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