Summer Illumination on Takasegawa Canal in Kyoto

This year marks the 400th year since the opening of Takasegawa Canal.
To celebrate this milestone, the area along this canal will be lit up for a limited time.

This canal was made for shipping materials used to rebuild the big Buddha statue between the Fushimi (south) and central areas.
During cherry blossoms season, the area between Sanjo Street and Shijo Street along Takasegawa Canal becomes colorful and bright.

The canal between Nijo Street and Shichijo Street will be illuminated from 7PM to 9PM until September 23rd. From Nijo Street to Shijo Street, blue & white LED lights are used while from Gojo Street to Shichijo Street, lamps with paper shades light up the canal.

In addition to illumination, projection mapping is held around Nijo at 19:00 – 21:00 on September 5th, 6th and 7th.

It is the perfect opportunity to go out at night for something other than eating dinner. It is difficult to walk the whole way in one night, so why not try walking from Shijo to Nijo on one night and Shijo to Shichijo on another night?

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