Shop & Cafe Inside a Temple in Kyoto

Because of its historical background, Kyoto is thought to be rather traditional and conservative. However this is not always true. In fact, Kyoto has an environment and atmosphere which accepts new innovations.

Fore example Nintendo, a real ‘game’ changer, was born in Kyoto. And recently, even historical buildings are taking advantage of new technology, as in the projection mapping at Nijo Castle.

And now, a temple called Bukkoji is going to open a shop & cafe run by a professor and students from an art school in Kyoto. This temple started as a thatched hut made by the Buddhist preacher Shinran, and is a prestigious place (for more information about its history, go to the official website). However, current preachers in this temple are providing part of the space for a shop to encourage an interest in Buddhism among youth.

The theme of the shop is “long life design”, which represents products that will not go out of fashion. They will have some essence of Kyoto’s traditional arts and crafts. They might work as new, unique and practical gifts from Kyoto. This new shop & cafe will open at the end of October 2014.

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Bukkoji Temple in Kyoto

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