How to Go to Enryuaji Temple from Kyoto

Kyoto has more than a dozen spots designated as World Heritage Sites.
Most of them are easy to access, such as Nijo Castle, Nishi Honganji Temple and Kiyomizudera Temple, while some of them; including Kosanji Temple and Saihoji Temple, are located far away from the city.

That however, should not stop you from visiting these places, since they do have as much historical & cultural values as Kiyomizudera Temple and so on. This article focuses on Enryakuji Temple, which is located between Kyoto and Shiga Prefecture.

Enryakuji Temple was built by a preacher named Saicho in 788, and started a system to educate and train Buddhist leaders for 12 years. In its prime, Enryaji had about 3000 temples. But because they harbored an enemy of the warlord Nobunaga Oda, who later ruled the country, they were all completely burned down in 1571.

After that tragedy, thanks to contribution from other warlords and the Edo government, which was established in 1603, Enryakuji Temple started to regain its power and buildings. Now there are 150 Buddhist buildings scattered around this region, that are called Enryakuji as a group.

Mainly there are two areas, east & west side. From Kyoto City, visitors need to take a train, a cable car & a rope way or a bus. From Demachi Yanagi Station (Keihan), take the Eizan Line and get off at Yase Hieizanguchi Station (260 yen). Take a cablecar (540 yen). Then take a ropeway (310 yen). Take a bus (white body and red line) from the Keihan Bus stop near the ropeway station. Get off at Enryakuji Bus Center (210 yen). Or from Kyoto Station’s Bus Terminal (C6), take a Hieizan Drive Bus. (800 yen) Note that from December to the middle of March, these transportation services are not available.

East Tower, West Tower & Yokokawa Area – 550 yen/adult, 350 yen/HS & JH student, free/Elem student and under
Museum – 450 yen/adult, 200 yen/HS & JH student, 100 yen/Elem student and under
8:30 – 16:30 (East Tower) 9:00 – 16:00 (West Tower)

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