Go to Ise by Premium Express Shimakaze from Kyoto

Without a doubt there are too many spots in Kyoto to visit in a few days.
At least one week is needed to see all of the most popular sightseeing spots with more than a dozen of places designated as World Heritage Sites.

However, for those who want to see other places in Japan, especially in Kinki Region,
Osaka is the second most popular place to visit in this region, followed by Nara and Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture.

But for people who want to spice things up and do something different, then visiting Ise/Shima Area in Mie Prefecture might be a good idea. Ise has the most prestigious shrine in Japan, Ise Jingu Shrine and the Shima Area is famous as an ocean resort. Especially the latter is not something offered in Kyoto City. And from October 10th, a gorgeous express train run by Kintetsu, called Shimakaze starts its service from Kyoto Station to Ise/Shima Area. This could be one of the most gorgeous trains in Japan, with observation cars that have big windows, and salon seats furnished with a big table for a group and private rooms. In addition, there are smoking rooms, restrooms and cafes for food and drink, where passengers can enjoy the view as well. For more information, please check their official site.

Note that Japan Rail Pass does not include Shimakaze.

Here’s a promotion video from Kintetsu.

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