Event Calender in Kyoto – October 2014

Mibu Kyogen

Kyogen is a type of traditional Japanese comedic theater which started about 700 years ago. This particular style of Kyogen is unique because all the actors wear masks, unlike the normal style of Kyogen. Additionally the actors do not speak. 30 different stories have been passed down from generation to generation in this area around Mibudera Temple. There are 6 performances a day. Basically visitors can watch as many or as few shows as they want. 800 yen/adult, 600 yen/middle & high school student, 400 yen/elementary student. 13:00 – 17:30. October 11th – 13th.

Saigu Procession

Every time a new emperor was enthroned, the imperial court used to send an unmarried court lady to serve one of the Japanese Gods, Amanoterasu Omikami in Ise Shrine. This lady, called Saigu, went to Ise with hundreds of bureaucrats and ladies. This event replicates Saigu’s beautiful procession, which starts at Nonomiya Shrine at noon in Arashiayama and ends at 14:00 in Arashiyama’s boatslip with a purifying ceremony. October 19th.

Jidai Festival

Jidai Festival Photo
Jidai Festival Photo

Jidai Festival is an annual event held by Heian Jingu Shrine, where many people wearing costumes which represent different Jidai (Eras) walk from the Imperial Palace to Heian Jingu Shrine. Fore more information, please check “Jidai Festival on October 22nd“. It is one of the three biggest festivals in Kyoto along with Aoi Festival in May and Gion Festival in July. Here’s the schedule: Kyoto Imperial Palace (12:00) - Karasuma Marutamachi (12:30) - Karasuma Oike (12:50) - Kawaramachi Oike (13:20) - Kawaramachi Sanjo (13:30) - Sanjo Jingumichi (14:10) - Heian Jingu Shrine(14:30)
Except for Imperial Palace and Heian Jingu, each spot above is an intersection consisting of the two named streets (For example, Karasuma Oike = Karasuma street and Oike street). October 22nd.

Pupblic Opening of Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace
Kyoto Imperial Palace

Usually it is required to make a reservation to enter into Kyoto Imperial Palace, but there are two times in Spring and Fall where the facilities are open to the public. In addition, it is nice to walk around inside the Imperial Garden, especially the north side, which is a perfect place to have a rest. 9:00 – 15:30. August 30th – November 5th.

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